CrashPlan Pro


Next Star Technologies is proud to offer CrashPlan PRO online backup to our customers. Online business backup that delivers everything your users want and everything your backup needs.

High Security

  • Complete data control
  • Encrypted before transport
  • 448-bit data encryption, 128-bit communication encryption
  • Remote laptop tracking

Guaranteed Restore

  • Any date, time or version
  • Direct, LAN or Internet
  • Admin or end user initiated
  • File search
  • Cross-platform

Universal Networking

  • Works everywhere: dynamic IP locator, TCP NAT traversal, QoS
  • Bandwidth governing
  • Email alerts and reports
  • Network exclusions


  • Automatic upgrades
  • 100% remote administration and updates

Full-Featured Backup

  • Continuous or scheduled
  • Offsite and local destinations
  • Incremental versioning
  • Unlimited versioning
  • File compression and datade-duplication
  • Background validation and verification
  • Multiple file stream / fork support

High Performance

  • Byte differential transmits and stores only new data
  • Unlimited file size, versions and archives
  • Client server / binary protocol
  • High-efficiency non-blocking I/O
  • Governed I/O, bandwidth limits and idle job scheduling
  • 64-bit native, multi-core andmulti-threaded
  • Pause backup when battery is low

Contact Next Star Technologies today to start your 30-Day trial of CrashPlan Pro.